Buy back consumer credit

  The repurchase of its consumer credit is not an exceptional approach: the operation often takes place within the framework of a grouping of credits. It allows the borrower to combine in a single monthly payment his various current consumer […]

Take out a loan for your rent deposit

A new apartment costs money. In this context, the expenses for the upcoming move, for the new furniture and so on, but also for the rent deposit must be taken into account. Good advice is usually expensive. A loan can […]

Credit for master school

Those who want to continue their professional training and attend a master school can take out a loan for the master school to finance this further training. As a rule, attending a master school is very expensive. The master school […]

Credit for private education

In addition to public universities and vocational schools, private universities and educational institutes also offer training. In contrast to the basic cost-free nature of the state institutions, private educational measures sometimes incur considerable study costs, the financing of which must […]

Fixed interest rate loan.

Making the extensive and often confusing range of loans on the market more transparent for consumers is one of the backgrounds of the consumer credit directive. The often tempting interest offers – usually marked with an asterisk or the word […]

Loan to agency workers

Temporary workers do not have an easy time taking out a loan. Many banks categorically reject such an application. The reason: The decision of the credit institutions is largely related to the professional situation of the potential borrower. A agency […]